10 Ways To Be Your Own Boss

Fred Wilson credit: (CC) Randy Stewart, blog.stewtopia.com

Like the Paul Simon song, there are probably at least 50 ways to be your own boss, but I only have 20 minutes this coming thursday at the 99% Conference and so I am going to talk about 10 of them.

The super high growth startup that lands a ton of venture capital and heads for a big exit is the iconic entrepreneurial success story but it represents a tiny fraction of all entrepreneurial endeavours and I think it gets in the way of more people starting their own businesses. They think “well I can’t do that” so they don’t do anything. And that’s wrong. 

So I am going to talk about 10 ways you can be your own boss and hope to deliver the message that there is a way that most everyone can do it. 

Here are my visuals in draft form. As always, comments and suggestions are very welcome.

10 Ways To Be Your Own Boss

View more presentations from fredwilson. I’d like to acknowledge flickr member .eti whose most excellent photo graces the front of this presentation.

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