10 Trailers That Were Better Than The Actual Films They Advertised


Damon Lindelof sounded off on films that promote trailers of trailers.

Damon Lindelof (co-creator of “Lost”) sounded off on Twitter late Tuesday night about his feelings on film trailers promoting trailers—they suck.This comment comes after Ridley Scott released just that–a trailer for a trailer of his new movie “Prometheus,” which Lindelof co-wrote.

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The prequel to Scott’s 1979 “Alien,” “Prometheus” follows a group of explorers searching for mankind’s origins. They end up finding aliens straight out of Scott’s multi-million dollar franchise. The film features Michael FassbenderCharlize Theron and Guy Pearce:

The thing makes even less sense once you know that a 1:10 trailer for “Prometheus” was released in late December, and besides a few shots of the explorers’ ship and the terrain, the teaser offers nothing new.

Here’s Lindelof’s tweet:

“Prometheus” isn’t alone in promoting these sorts of trailers of late. Fox’s “Ice Age” is an offender of releasing a trailer for a trailer for its upcoming sequel. Popular game franchise “Mass Effect” recently did one for the release of the trailer to the third version of its series. 

Although the Prometheus trailer-trailer was disappointing, there are some pretty good trailers out there, some that we dare say are better than the actual film. We’ve rounded up 10 trailers even Lindelof would give a thumbs up. 

Watch the trailer for a trailer below:

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