Huge Trades Happening In The Markets Right Now

CME Trader

There’s huge activity today trading BP’s potential success and anything related to Europe’s continued blank check from China. Commodities also charging.

Crude Oil: Surging higher up 4.08%

Big Winner: NetApp (NTAP) up 15.8%

NetApp reported strong 4th quarter fiscal profits, above analyst estimates.

China fears decline in Europe: Peugeot (France CAC) up 6.68%

Disappointing earnings: Monsanto (MON) down 7.8%

Monsanto reported disappointing earnings today, between $2.40 and $2.60 a share, rather than the anticipated $3.09 per share.

China fears decline in Europe: AVIVA (UK FTSE) up 6.7%

China fears decline in Europe: Abetis (Spain IBEX) up 8.12%

Microsoft fightback against Apple: Up 5.2%

Commodities: Palladium up 4.8%

Bonus Commodities: Platinum up 1.48%

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