Telstra's Ooyala just closed its second acquisition as it positions itself as a video streaming force

Gordon Gecko. Photo: Screenshot

Telstra purchased global video streaming platform Ooyala in a $270 million deal last August. Since then the subsidiary has closed two acquisitions as it works towards becoming a consolidated cloud-based video platform.

Today, the video tech provider acquired Nativ, a cloud media logistics software company.

Through its workflow software MioEverywhere, Nativ provides media production, post-production, delivery and syndication services.

Last October, Ooyala bought UK-based startup Videoplaza for an undisclosed amount. Videoplaza operates a premium video ad serving platform.

The television industry is experiencing dramatic change with the evolution of streaming services like Netflix and online video. It’s this next generation which Ooyala wants to play in.

“The new TV marketplace can’t be serviced by legacy broadcast business systems. New data-driven technologies and services will transform the way broadcasters, media companies and brands operate in the era of multi-screen consumption,” Jay Fulcher, president and chief executive officer for Ooyala, said.

“A transformation of this scale represents massive opportunity for the innovators that can drive new, future-proofed standards.”

For now, Ooyala plans to operate Nativ as a stand-alone business but over time, it will be integrated.

The acquisitions mean Telstra is making moves to become a serious global player in video streaming.

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