Telstra's muru-D just picked 10 new startups for its accelerator program

The new batch of founders at the muru-D accelerator program. Image: Supplied.

muru-D, the accelerator program backed by Telstra, has just picked 10 new startups to support.

An autonomous passenger aircraft, virtual reality being used to rehabilitate stroke victims, and autonomous tree-planting robots are among the technologies being developed by the startups accepted into the SYD5 program.

“It was important to us to select teams that have a social purpose element, using technology in innovative ways to solve real problems and create solutions for societies today and into the future,” says the head of muru-D, Julie Trell.

“We received almost 20% more applications compared to last year, and we were delighted to see the number of applications from companies with female founders also rose by that same amount.

“From our 10 successful companies that made it into the cohort, it’s great to see that six of the 10 have a female co-founder on the team.”

Each of the 10 startups gets $75,000 in seed capital investment. They will get access to a highly developed network of mentors and industry professionals to help accelerate their businesses.

“With over 100 companies now in our portfolio, and 15 of these having raised $1 million or more in funding, we’re committed to continuing our support of the startup ecosystem throughout Australasia,” says Trell.

The 10 new startups selected for the six month program:

    AMSL Aero is developing an autonomous two seat aircraft that can take off and land vertically and fly horizontally at 300km per hour.

    Catalyser’s software manages employee giving. In the two years since launching, Catalyser has facilitated $2 million in donations for charities and has 15,000 employee users in Australia, Asia, and the UK.

    Cookitoo is a platform for cafes, restaurants and caterers to rent out their unused commercial kitchen space.

    iCRM is cloud software that integrates with existing health and medical devices to deliver tailor-made care and support plans.

    Kiddsbay is a child friendly platform for kids to launch their own on-line businesses in a safe, fun, educational, global environment.

    Life Skills Group educates children, teachers, schools and families to build a more compassionate, kinder and connected world. It is building a scalable digital model to deliver wellbeing programs for primary and secondary students, as well as professional development programs for teachers and staff.

    Neuromersiv is using virtual reality to make neuro rehab therapy fun and improve the quality of life for those who’ve had a stroke or brain trauma.

    Share with Oscar is an on-demand platform for sharing private parking spaces.

    SkyGrow is combating the world’s deforestation problem by developing autonomous tree-planting robots (Growbots) that can plant billions of trees every year. SkyGrow’s tree planting system is 10 times faster and 15% cheaper than current methods.

    vetchat is an online platform connecting pet owners with vets.

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