Here are Telstra's plan costs for the new iPhones

Photo: James Alcock/Getty Images.

Telstra has just released its pricing for the new Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max plans, paving the way for online pre-orders before they’re released next Friday, September 21, along with the Apple Watch Series 4.

The telco is offering discounts and extra data on pre-orders on the $129 mobile plan and $129 mobile lease plan provided you sign up for two years, including a $10 recurring monthly credit, betting on two specific offers being popular.

They’re the iPhone XS 64GB for $119/mth ($129, less the $10 credit) with 90GB a month (60GB, plus a bonus 30GB), and the iPhone XS Max 64GB for $134/mth ($129 lease plan plus $15 monthly device charge, less a $10 monthly credit) with the same 90GB monthly data allocation.

The pricing on leasing the XS 64G starts at $99 a month – $40 for the phone, $59 plan with 3GB of data – all the way up to a $199 a month unlimited plan where they toss in a Foxtel subscription, 10GB of international data and unlimited international calls and text. Another 7GB of data will cost you an extra $10 a month.

The “to buy” price for the same deal kicks off at $109, up to $199.

If you like a big phone, capacity wise, the pricing for the 512GB Xs in the same parameters starts at $129 to lease, and $139 to buy. The top price is again $199 for both deals.

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