Telstra's getting into Netflix-style streaming with a device similar to Apple TV

Frank Underwood from House of Cards on Netflix Australia. Photo: YouTube Screenshot

Telstra has axed its personal video recorder T-Box, replacing it with a streaming device similar to Apple TV to deliver on-demand content direct to your television.

Striking a deal with US video streaming hardware company Roku, The Australian reports the Telstra TV platform will offer access to video-on-demand services Presto, Stan and Netflix as well as YouTube, BigPond movies and free-to-air catch-up services.

Telstra estimates about 70% of Australians are currently paying for video content. A number which has no doubt been driven by Netflix’s spectacular Australian market entrance three months ago.

The telco’s device is expected to be available from September, superceding the existing T-Box of which there are about 800,000 in the market.

“We will not sell any more T-Boxes once this device launches but we’ll continue to support it with content because the people who have the T-Box love it,” Telstra’s media and marketing boss Joe Pollard told The Australian.

Telstra TV is expected to cost $109 separately or $89 a month bundled in with a broadband plan. It’s also considering whether to offer a sports package which would give users weekly access to some Fox Sports content.

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