Telstra's Boss Has A Growth Strategy For The Asian Market, But Knows 'It's Not Going To Be Easy'

David Thodey

Part of Telstra’s restructuring will see the company try to expand its business in the Asian market, which according to boss David Thodey will be a challenge.

The telco, which has operated in Asia for 60 years, says the market’s demand for more services and its dependence on interconnectivity means the company has to “find ways to participate” and build on its current assets.

“It’s not easy, not easy, it’s a very heterogenous market. But you’ve got to be there and you’ve got to think through how you can create value,” Thodey told The Financial Review.

Thodey has said the new strategy will focus on CSL, the company’s mobile operator in the region, and the media side of the business to “maximise value for our shareholders going forward”.

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