Telstra Wants Australia To Become One Giant WiFi Network With Home Internet Bandwidth Linked Together

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Australia will become one large WiFi network under a $100 million, five-year plan by Telstra to build more than 8,000 hotspots across the nation and open some home internet points to others.

The network, scheduled to launch early in 2015, will allow Bigpond broadband users to login and use their home data allocation. Non-customers will be able to buy day passes. Telstra mobile-only customers will be offered access later.

The plan will effectively move people from expensive data usage on the mobile network and on to a more direct download and upload on a WiFi network.

Telstra CEO David Thodey said: “We want Australia to be a truly connected country and as part of our plan, we are keen to work in partnership with local councils and enterprises to grow our Wi-Fi network in Australia’s largest cities and regional centres.”

Lifehacker Australia says Telstra wants to use your home ADSL connection as part of the network:

“So why would you offer up part of your bandwidth? That’s what will grant you access to other hotspots. In effect, you’ll be able to use your own broadband allowance even when you’re not at home. It’s an opt-in scheme — you can stay entirely locked off — but its success will depend on Telstra persuading its customers to open up their networks.”

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