Telstra says its broadband network is fine now, but customers are still complaining nearly 4 days later

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Telstra’s NBN and ADSL broadband network remains in disarray, leaving customers across Australia complaining they still don’t have internet access yet again on Monday morning.

A Telstra spokesperson told Business Insider that the company had fixed the issue affecting NBN broadband services.

“For customers with connection issues, we are asking them to please restart their modem to help make a connection,” they said. “Any customers who continue to have a problem, please contact us. We thank customers for their patience and apologise for the inconvenience.”

But despite saying the problems had been fixed on Friday night, further breakdowns occurred again on the weekend and the company’s last post on its community noticeboard just before 5pm on Sunday said “residual issues affecting NBN and ADSL data services are now resolved”.

The company has not used social media to update customers since Friday and customers are complaining again this morning that the network is not working properly and they are getting no reponse, just days after CEO Andy Penn acknowledged the Telstra needed to improve its customer service. showed another spike in complaints this morning as customers attempted to log on.

The latest round of notifications on Telstra breakdowns via Source: Aussieaoutages

While Telstra says the problems are fixed, customers are frustrated by both a lack of internet access and difficulties in getting through to the company’s call centre with many saying they’re on hold for up to an hour.

As one exasperated customer, Axiryth, posted on the Telstra noticeboard this morning, some haven’t had internet access since Thursday night.

Here’s what they said:

Ok Telstra. So when are you going to update us to say what’s REALLY going on? Because I and many others on here can assure you that it is most definitely NOT resolved. My service at 2286 NSW went down at the very start, 11:30pm Thursday and I still have nothing. This was beyond a joke at the start of the weekend, now it’s just stupid. I’ve missed work deadlines, my kids have missed project deadlines, my and my partner’s mobile data are through the roof. I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested and everything suggested by others on here. I’ve done numerous factory resets, even went out and bought a new VDSL modem as others have claimed to have success with that, but nothing.

I don’t want free data days, I don’t even want to be discounted the days of no service. Instead, how about you just provide a backup service for NBN customers, like we used to have the backup dialup for ADSL!? Let me go to a Telstra shop and get a free 4G USB dongle to use. But not just for your **bleep**ty mobile data costs. Let me use that dongle to access the 1000GB of data I’m already paying for! This is what I would call a satisfactory option while we all wait impatiently.

Telstra is also getting multiple complaints from customers on its community noticeboard on Monday morning, but had not responded to them.

Complaints on Telstra’s noticeboard.

On Friday night, Telstra said the issues that had left some people without internet for nearly 24 hours had been resolved.

“The issue we identified is extremely complex, but in simple terms there was a fault with the device that manages the interaction between our network and all of the different types of customer modems,” the company said in a statement.

“We understand this has been frustrating for affected customers and we will be providing them with some additional data. We will contact them directly and provide more details.”

But more problems emerged over the weekend.

Friday’s failure was the fifth major network outage in three months. Previous breakdowns led the company to offer two free data days to compensate customers.

Telstra is spending $50 million to improve network reliability in the wake of the outages.

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