Telstra said it's spending $50 million to prevent outages, and then it had another one

Photo: Leon Halip/ Getty.

This morning Telstra announced a $50 million commitment to safeguard the network against outages.

Just hours after, the network experienced its fifth outage in a matter of months.

This time it only lasted less than half an hour affecting its ADSL network in Queensland.

The problem was not connected to the recent mobile network issues. reported that hundreds of Telstra customers were experiencing problems.

Map: Aussie Outages.

This morning COO Kate McKenzie, speaking at an Investor Day presentation this morning in Melbourne, said $25 million would be spent on monitoring equipment and a further $25 million would be spent on “increasing our capacity to handle a large number of re-registrations occurring simultaneously”.

Australia’s biggest telco incurred the wrath of customers with four prolonged outages to its mobile network during February and March. Telstra blamed the outages on a range of issues, from human error to problems with its international cable.

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