Telstra wants to partner with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft to take on the cloud computing world

Live 3D footage streamed from Sydney Opera House through Telstra Gigabit LTE. Photo: Tony Yoo

Telstra is looking for new ways to engage and support its customers and it’s got its eyes set on cloud computing.

CEO Andy Penn is looking to tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google to find a strategic partnership that will help Telstra gain leverage and introduce its own specialised products, such as security managed services.

“When an organisation is looking to take their operations into the cloud to get the great productivity opportunities, they also need to get all their data in and out, and do it securely, that is a telecommunications problem to solve,” he told the Australian Financial Review.

“We host AWS in our cloud capability over our network, but most sophisticated organisations will need [Microsoft] Azure as well, and their own private cloud.

“We can provide the capacity to manage all of those cloud services through a single orchestration system, and then have the network and managed security offering around it is very powerful, and we are building genuinely world-class options.”

The strategy isn’t centred around trying to compete with the tech industry incumbents, but rather finding sustainable growth.

“[Having a broader business] is fantastic because as a company we can provide so much resource, capability and support for customers based on how people are using the network today.”

Last year the telco launched a major brand revamp aimed at repositioning itself as a technology company rather than a telecommunications business.

At the time, Jo Pollard, group executive of media and marketing at Telstra, said the business was “evolving from a telco to a techco” and its multi-million-dollar Telstra 3.0 campaign would show how technology can solve common problems.

The AFR has more here.

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