Telstra is winning the mobile network speed battle, but Optus is Australia’s most available 4G carrier


Australian telco heavyweights Telstra and Optus are in a bit of a slugfest right now.

In its latest State of Mobile Networks for Australia report, mobile analytics company OpenSignal put Telstra in the lead when it comes to delivering the fastest 4G download, upload and overall speeds.

The report analyses 3G and 4G mobile consumer experience of Optus, Telstra and Vodafone networks based on 425,811,023 measurements taken from 31,735 test devices from across Australia.

Telstra hit an average download speed of 40.1Mbps, making it the first operator to cross the 40Mbps threshold in OpenSignal’s Australian analysis.

When it comes to uploads, it’s not even a race. Telstra’s average upload connection of 10.8Mbps was 24% faster than its nearest rival.

Optus, however, now has Australia’s most available 4G network, thanks to its LTE rollout. OpenSignal reports its users “were able to find an Optus LTE signal 90.5% of the time”.

And there were a couple of wins for Vodafone, which delivered the best 4G and overall download speeds in Melbourne and kept its 4G latency score at 30 milliseconds for the second report in row.

You can drill down further into the report at OpenSignal’s website here.