Telstra has suffered yet another network outage

Down again.

For the third time in less than two months, Telstra has suffered another outage through its mobile network.

This is where the outage is being reported.

Customers have been reporting on social media today that they experienced problems making and receiving calls as well as data connections in some areas.

The issue didn’t appear to be as widespread as the other two outages, with Melbourne services being hit the most.

But despite Telstra announcing that it has resolved the issue, customers nearly an hour are still having issues in Melbourne and Sydney.

A Telstra spokesman issued this statement:

“The disruption today, which impacted less than 3 percent of our mobile customers, was caused by a card failure in a media gateway in Victoria which meant certain calls could temporarily not get through. The media gateway allows the calls to connect.

While small, we appreciate the impact this outage had on the customers affected, and we apologise to them.

While we have the leading network in Australia, like any of our global peers there will always be issues that arise in such a large and complex technology environment. We are committed to redoubling our efforts on resilience in the network and part of that is conducting a major review in relation to the outages from last week and February.”

Twitter is full of angry customers, all unhappy that the carrier they pay a premium for to access a supposedly better network has been crashing in the last few months.

All the Telstra devices we have checked in our Sydney office weren’t able to make calls.

It was just last week when Telstra suffered its last national outage, forcing CEO Andy Penn to apologise to customers and offer yet another free data day for customers on April 3.

“On behalf of everyone at Telstra, I am very sorry and deeply disappointed this happened,” Penn said. “You expect seamless mobile service with Telstra and it is our responsibility to ensure that is delivered day in, day out.”

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