Telstra Is Putting Job Applicants Through A FIVE DAY Interview Process

Job interview: Shutterstock

Australia’s largest telco is reportedly putting job applicants through 5-day-long interviews to make sure they’re “receptive, curious and able to work in a diverse learning culture”.

Allie Coyne of iTnews reports that Telstra has trialled a 5-day-long interview process with 6 IT job applicants so far, of whom 3 were hired.

Candidates undertook supervised field work; Telstra CIO Patrick Eltridge told an Agile Australia conference that the interview process gave Telstra a better idea of their assess non-technical skills.

Telstra is now planning to trial the new interview format for non-IT jobs, although executive interviews may span only 3 days, iTnews reports.

There’s more on iTnews.

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