It looked like there were national problems with the Telstra network again today, but the telco says no

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The Telstra network appeared to have another national meltdown, with services in most of the major capitals disrupted in the first half of Tuesday, but the company denies there were any problems with its mobile network.

The telco has conceded on social media that services were being disrupted in Brisbane by an unknown problem.

Reports of issues rose steadily on Tuesday morning, climaxing at around lunchtime, according the monitoring website Aussie Outages, but were resolved by late in the afternoon.

Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide and Perth all appeared to suffer from “intermittent” mobile outages.

Third party providers such as Aldi Mobile said there were problems overnight, but a majority of services were restored by noon.

In a statement to Business Insider, Telstra said there was no issue for Telstra customers and the telco’s 3G and 4G networks.

“There was a vendor platform issue that impacted mobile virtual network operating services for a small number of wholesale customers,” a spokesperson said.

“The majority of those services have already been restored. We apologise to these wholesale customers for any inconvenience.”

However, customers were once again venting their frustrations on social media.

And Telstra’s own outages site showed problems around Sydney and Melbourne around lunchtime on Tuesday and well into the afternoon, causing “intermittent” service in highlighted areas.

The Telstra ‘outages’ check shows there were unknown problems in Sydney, especially in the Barangaroo area on Tuesday afternoon.

A check of the Telstra network on its site shows there were unknown problems in Sydney, especially in the Barangaroo area on Tuesday afternoon.

There were problems in Melbourne’s CBD too.

TelstraThe Telstra outages check reveals failures in Melbourne too

And in Adelaide.


And Hobart.


Late this afternoon the company took to social media to say any claims of a national outage were wrong.

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