Telstra's mobile network just went down, again, last night

Photo: Getty / File

Australia’s biggest mobile network went down last night for the second time in two months.

Telstra is unsure of the cause but is now restoring services to customers.

The outage started around 6pm AEDT, and follows another incident in February during which Telstra customers in cities around Australia lost service for hours during a business day.

A spokesman said: “We are progressively restoring mobile services and we anticipate returning to normal soon. We believe the incident has impacted a proportion of traffic for voice and data across the country.

“The cause of the incident is yet to be determined but at this early stage we understand we have had a problem with the part of the network that allows phones to register and therefore make calls and use data.

Last month the company also suffered a massive, hours-long outage across major Australian cities because of a human error involving the restarting of a network switch.

The latest outage lit up Twitter, with #Telstra quickly becoming the one of Australia’s biggest trending topics.

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