Telstra is a customer and now investor in this Melbourne communications startup that just raised $11.75 million

Whispir allows companies to customise the communications platform for their teams. Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

When a Melbourne startup lifts its sales year-on-year in Singapore by 145%, it’s probably about time to pay attention.

Whispir has revealed this is exactly what happened ahead of it raising $11.75 million in series A funding from the likes of Telstra Ventures, NSI Ventures and Rippledot Capital.

“NSI Ventures is very pleased to be on board as Jeromy, Andrew and the team further increase their global reach and extend their product beyond communications into intelligence and insights,” said NSI Ventures partner Shane Chesson.

Whispir describes itself as a communications-apps-as-service provider. Its products allow enterprise clients to customise the communications infrastructure that they provide to their own staff. Telstra itself is a customer, as well as StarHub.

“Whispir underpins dynamic and powerful multi-channel communication for its clients.” said Chesson. “We have been impressed by the leading enterprises in our region and beyond that are already using it to deeply engage.”

The Melbourne-headquartered company has grown from 46 staff to 86 in the past two years, and boasted of its rapid expansion in Asia and the United States.

“Unlike most contemporary SaaS businesses, Whispir has a channel model, and it is the strength of Whispir’s alignment with its channels that results in a more capital-efficient business,” said Whispir chief executive Jeromy Wells.

“[Communications-apps-as-service] is a new category that we have defined and we anticipate that it will receive a lot of attention from the market over the next few years.”