Telstra Has Paid The Biggest ACMA Fine Ever For Not Connecting Phones Fast Enough

Getty/Cameron Spencer

Australia’s media watchdog has fined Telstra $510,000. The penalty, the biggest ever issued by ACMA, was for failing to connect urban customers with phone lines fast enough.

Telstra paid the penalty yesterday, ACMA said in a statement. This came after a review of its performance for 2012-13.

From ACMA:

The ACMA issued an infringement notice to Telstra following its annual assessment of Telstra’s 2012-13 compliance with the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) benchmarks.

The CSG benchmarks provide important safeguards for fixed-line telephone service customers for connecting a service, repairing a fault or service difficulty and for attending appointments with customers.

There are nine such benchmarks, of which Telstra met seven. The two that were not met were:

  • for new connections in urban areas (88.6 per cent performance against a 90 per cent benchmark)
  • for new connections in remote areas (89.0 per cent performance against a 90 per cent benchmark)

“Last year, we faced unprecedented damage to our network from natural disasters,” Telstra spokesman James Howe said in a statement.

“We fixed more than one million faults for our customers and a number of events, such as the Queensland floods, Tasmanian fires and Warrnambool Exchange fire, placed great strain on our network and resources across the country.

“We are continually investing in the network and learning how to better avoid and recover from these extreme events to minimise disruption and inconvenience to our customers.”

You can read the full statement ACMA statement here.

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