Telstra CTO: If everyone stops talking about innovation maybe some of it can actually get done

Telstra’s Vish Nandlall

Vish Nandlall is a bit over all the talk about innovation.

“Most practitioners of innovation don’t use the word innovation,” he said today in remarks reported by ZDNet.

The topic has become central to the Australian business debate over the past year, with Malcolm Turnbull putting it at the centre of his economic agenda as prime minister and launching a $1.1 billion package of measures to try and stimulate and support innovation in Australian industry.

Nandlall suggested talking about innovation is starting to become confused with actually doing it.

As the word means different things to different people, there can be a lack of clarity about what a company is really trying to do by being “innovative”.

“Chances are, if you can’t be clear about what innovation is, the odds of you achieving it are pretty low,” Nandlall said.

“When you speak about innovation, use some words that are clear: What are you looking for? Are you looking to do something new? Something new and good? Something new, good, and profitable? Do you just want to do things faster? You need to be very clear about what you’re trying to achieve.”

Nandlall suggests using terms like hypothesis, problem, or experiment instead.

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