Telstra And Ebay Operations Were Hit By Today's Major Earthquake In The Philippines

Getty/Cameron Spencer

A 7.2 magnitude earthquake has disrupted customer support for Telstra and Ebay Australia, among others that rely on staff and outsourcers in the region.

A Telstra spokesperson told Business Insider Australia that the telco had redirected business support calls to other centres “until sites could be assessed”.

Telstra contractors TeleTech and Teleperformance have close to 8,000 staff across 10 sites in the Phillipines, according to a Fairfax investigation into the telco’s offshoring activity.

A recorded message on Telstra’s support phone number warns of “significant delays while waiting for a consultant”.

“We have call centre partners and some Telstra staff in the area and no one was seriously injured,” Telstra’s spokesperson said.

“In terms of business service, we have re-directed calls around other centres until sites can be assessed. We have mitigated any impacts to our customer service.”

Ebay Australia said its office building in the Cebu region had been evacuated and “no employees are believed to have been injured or harmed”.

“Earlier today an earthquake hit the Philippines near the city of Cebu,” Ebay posted on its support page. “Many of our dedicated Customer Support employees are based in this region, and our thoughts are with all of them and their families as they deal with this disaster.

“As a result of this disaster, our phone, chat and email customer support operations will be temporarily unavailable.”

Al Jazeera reports that at least 73 people were killed and more than 100 others injured by falling buildings in central Philippines following the earthquake.

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