Telstra and Airbnb are mounting a legal fight over who owns the tagline 'belong' in Australia

Staying in an Airbnb is meant to feel like you’re staying in a home, with all the creature comforts and local knowledge at your finger tips. It’s on this premise that the company uses the tagline “belong anywhere”.

But in Australia, major telco Telstra has lodged an attempt to stop the $US25.5 billion company, which connects spare rooms with people who want to rent them out, from trademarking its tagline.

The AFR reported Airbnb first tried to trademark “belong anywhere” in Australia last October. Approval was granted at the end of that month but in January Telstra said it would oppose the application.

It has been reported Telstra is fighting the trademark as it launched a budget broadband company called Belong back in 2013.

Airbnb made an attempt to alter its trademark application in February, a move which was also opposed by the telco. Airbnb will now defend the claim.

There’s more here.

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