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One staggering stat in Telstra's big announcement today shows just how badly the company needed a shake-up

Katy Perry is shocked. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Telstra announced some major changes today, including cutting 8,000 jobs over the next three years, the setting up of a separate company for its hard infrastructure, and a billion dollars in productivity improvements.

As a large company, a former government utility and a dominant market player it has struggled with some of the unnecessary complexity inherent in legacy systems.

Just how bad it was — and the reason customers may have been bamboozled by their options with the company — is summed up in this goal boldly declared in the announcement this morning:

  • Reducing the number of consumer and small business plans from 1,800 to 20.

They had 1,800 plans?

Telstra says executives and managers will be targeted first in its redundancies.

They should keep the person who called out that ludicrous number of customer offerings.

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