Tello App Lets You Share Your Opinion NOW

If you’re one of those people who always has something to say about everything, Tello is the right app for you.  Available on Android, iPhone, and iPad, Tello allows you to rank the service of nearby establishments.  All you have to do is sign in, say what you need to say, and then the information is available for others to see.

Sounds like a bad plan, doesn’t it?

For some, there’s a worry that Tello can be easily exploited to give a number of bad reviews to certain businesses and really good reviews to others.  But just like Yelp and similar programs, the reviewers will need to set up accounts that will then be monitored for suspicious activity.  In addition, since the process of Tello is so easy, more people are likely to report good things at local businesses as opposed to bad experiences.

Tello raised $1M in angel funding over the summer in order to promote and to develop this venture.  Funding came from such people as Russ Siegelman, Mark Goines, Ron Conway, Dave McClure, and more.

Businesses can use this information to work on training, products, and services, instantly seeing what they can do to improve their company.  Also, employees who are ranked via Tello will be able to show prospective employers or their current employer just how much they are worth.

Though there might always be customer service surveys, having something that’s more instant is certainly easier than remembering to fill out a form.  As people begin to use Tello more often, more people will be ready to use the service to help them find the best places to eat or shop, while those who are in business will learn what more they could be doing to help their customers have the best possible experience.

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