Tell us about the worst part of your job

Ghostbusters slime bill murrayColumbia PicturesWhat’s the worst part of your job?

Your job might have all the sweet perks in the world, but there’s still most likely a part of the gig that you’re not crazy about.

Perhaps the issue is the people you work with. No one wants to deal with sketchy coworkers or a psychopathic boss. Maybe there are just certain necessary but mundane tasks that turn your brain to mush. It’s also possible that the job is fine, in theory, but is so stressful and time consuming that it’s blowing up your work life balance and making you miserable.

Business Insider wants to hear all about the worst part of your job.

Share your story in the anonymous Google form below, and we may include your response in an upcoming article. You get bonus points if you provide some context explaining exactly what makes the particular part of your job description so loathsome.

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