Nielsen: This Is The Golden Age Of Television

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The so-called Golden Age of Television technically started in the 1950s when droves of people started transitioning from radio to television.But at Business Insider’s IGNITION conference today, Nielsen executive Steve Hasker said that in a lot of ways, this is the golden age of television.

Hasker is president of global media products and advertiser solutions at Nielsen, an audience-measurement firm whose name is synonymous with TV ratings.

“If you look at the quality of programming, mostly in the U.S., it’s truly extraordinary,” Hasker said. “If you go out to Hollywood these days, the A-grade talent agencies will put their best people in front of TV. It didn’t always used to be like that.” ¬†

Hasker said that within the last year, television networks and their executives have shown more confidence in digital video, which is the next biggest area of growth.

“Digital video is a really exciting area firstly, and secondly, if you think about the most compelling video, it’s professionally produced video,” Hasker said. “TV networks own that … [they] have a real jewel.”

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