Video Of Teens Reading Texts They Sent To Friends Takes An Unexpected Turn

This PSA, “Too Late,” created by Deutsch NY for Champions Against Bullying, depicts teenagers reading messages from the actual social-media pages of teens who were bullied.

Champions Against Bullying, one of the oldest international nonprofits, is passionate about creating a society in which “every child has the opportunity to develop, learn and thrive in an environment without fear,” to not only raise awareness, but to do something about bullying.

The organisation provides proven prevention strategies, intervention know-how, and immediate practical solutions that address issues unique to bullies and their targets and to bystanders. Established in 2004, CAB brings workshops, programs, and award-winning resources for kids from preschool to high school, as well as for parents, educators, associations, and corporations across North America.

Alexandra Penn, Founder, Crisis Intervention Specialist

Leigh Faith-Fujimoto, USA Director

See more videos by Champions Against Bullying on YouTube.

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