Parents Aren't Worried About Facebook Privacy, Partly Because They Don't Understand It

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Facebook is in the news yet again over privacy concerns today. These issues are a constant topic of discussion in the tech media, but it’s less clear how much of the uproar ever filters down to the average user.So it’s great timing for TRUSTe to drop the results of a recent survey (PDF) on how teens and their parents use social networks, and what they think about privacy issues related to them.

The main takeaways from the survey:

  • The vast majority of teens and their parents are comfortable with privacy on social networks, and nearly all parents think their teens use social networks responsibly.
  • On the other hand, parents feel pretty strongly that it should be impossible for their teens to share as much information as they can as broadly as they can. So it looks like parents don’t understand Facebook privacy as well as they think they do.
  • Most parents monitor their teens’ online behaviour closely, and want full control over what their teens share. A full 10% even admitted to secretly obtaining login access to their teens’ accounts.

Teens use social networks much more actively than their parents

Teens spend more time with social networks, and have more friends

Most parents are Facebook friends with their teens, especially their female teens

A lot of teens, especially girls, actually HELPED their parents get on Facebook.

More teens share information publicly than their parents realise in almost every category, but not by much

Teens and their parents both think that they understand how to control their privacy on Facebook, and even that the settings are clear and easy to use

Only 17% of parents frequently worry about privacy on Facebook. Teens are even less concerned

But that trust is backed up by spying. 85% of parents monitor their teens' social network activity at least weekly

40% have been given log-in access to their teens' accounts, and another 10% have secretly obtained that access. Yikes!

Younger teens and girls are more likely to be under parental observation

Wow: 68% of teens at least occasionally accept friend requests from people they don't know

Parents don't think social networks should be allowed to make names, phone numbers, and locations publicly available

82% want control over their teens' accounts.

Parents aren't wild about their teens sharing information with everyone

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