Foursquare And Facebook Places Are Still Meaningless To Half Of U.K. Teenagers*

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Foursquare and Facebook Places are still meaningless to half of U.K. teenagers, according to a survey by Dubit, a youth communications agency.Most teens don’t get the point of location-based services, and those who do are too creeped out to use them, the 1,000-person survey finds.


  •  48% of teens have not heard of Places, Foursquare, or other location services.
  • 67% of teens who have heard of the services don’t use any of them.
  • Only 27% of teens have heard of Foursquare.
  • Only 5% of teens who have heard of Foursquare actually use it.
  •  58% of teens who have heard of location services don’t “get the point” of them.
  • 45% don’t feel safe using location services.
  • Teens don’t think checking in is rewarding. They rank mayorships, badges, and points low on their list of reasons to use location services.

We have to admit, we kind of agree with the teenagers on this one. Checking in isn’t rewarding and we don’t care if we get badges. So we’re glad SCVNGR and Foursquare are working on coupons and tiered rewards instead.

Once SCVNGR and Foursquare can regularly offer free coffees alongside Starbucks checkins, then we’ll be more likely to whip out our phones, and we imagine teens will get more excited about using the apps too.

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Correction: An earlier version of this post said this was a survey of US teens. It is not.