The Number Of Teenagers Who Want To Be A “Banker” Spikes


A new career choice jumped to the top among fourteen and fifteen-year old teenagers who were asked what they wanted to be when they grow up this year: Banker.

According to the Daily Mail, which has the results of the survey, when teenagers were asked why they chose the given career, 25% said wealth. Five per cent said happiness.

The jump in the number of youngsters who want to be bankers is big. Only 4% of people who are 21 to 23 and people who are over 30 years old said they wanted to be bankers when they were teenagers. This year, 8% want to be bankers. (This year’s top career choice is a doctor, with 9%.)

Unfortunately, because these kids cite movies and TV as their top influencers (34% said they were influenced by movies and TV), TV shows like “Deal or No Deal,” where contestants bet against “the banker,” and “The Apprentice,” where anyone who works in finance is called a “banker,” they’re mis-informed.

For the most part, “bankers” are not the people raking in the paychecks. Hedge fund guys are.

“Banker” pay, in the U.S. at least, dropped down to just $380,000 in cash take home this year (add the stock they get in the company and it hits $1.6 million per year total) because regulators are now on the scene halting big bonuses for most bankers. 

Average banker pay, $1.6 million per year, might seem like a lot to teenagers now, but their inspiration, the bankers, don’t feel “wealthy.” They don’t think they’re making enough (probably because they used to take home double that). They’re all fleeing to work at hedge funds, where they can make more.

So if feeling “wealthy” is your top priority, teens, choose another career. The good and fun part of “wealth” is feeling wealthy, and being a banker isn’t going to get you there.

Here are the top careers for 14 to 15-year-olds, according to the Daily Mail:

1. Doctor, surgeon, nurse or vet – 9 per cent

2. Banker – 8 per cent

3. Actor / Actress – 6 per cent

4. Sportsperson – 6 per cent

5. Emergency services (police/fire) – 6 per cent

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