This Teenager On Instagram Is A Dead Ringer For Benedict Cumberbatch

If you take a look at 16-year-old Tyler Michell’s Instagram account, you’ll see nothing out of the ordinary at first.

The British high school student is like any other teenager on Instagram, posting selfies for the world to see. But look closer, and you may wonder why he looks so familiar.

Michell is a dead ringer for “Sherlock” star, Benedict Cumberbatch. The teen gained notoriety by posting selfies on Instagram with hashtags like #benedict, #cumberbatch, #sherlock.

With over 13,000 followers, Michell has fans from the UK to China (many of the comments on his photos are in Chinese) and the count just keeps getting higher.

Here are some of the photos.

This is the real Benedict Cumberbatch:

16-year-old Michell:

But despite the physical similarities between Michell and Cumberbatch, Michell is still a teenager:

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