Woman Who Lost Both Legs After Being Crushed By Subway Finds Incredible Support Online From Strangers

Teena Katz is a New Yorker, and she knows waiting for the subway can be frustrating.

So when NYPD officers found her pinned to the subway tracks on the day after Christmas, her legs completely severed from her body and blood everywhere, the first thing she did was apologise.

“I’m really sorry for delaying the train,” she said.

The officers and EMTs were shocked. It was a miracle she could even speak at all.

Katz, 31, lost both of her legs after being struck by the 7 train at Grand Central. She lost her right leg just below her hip, and her left was amputated below her knee.

Katz told Business Insider the details are still fuzzy.

“I was having dinner with my girlfriends that night and I went to Grand Central to take the 7 back [to Queens]. The last thing I remember was feeling lightheaded and moving away from the tracks.”

“I don’t remember apologizing for the train being late,” she admitted with a chuckle, “but when I heard the EMTs recount of that anecdote later I thought, yeah, that sounds like me.”

Katz is impossibly upbeat for someone that has just returned home after months in the hospital and countless appointments and surgeries. An executive at Universal Music Group, she is is delightful and soft-spoken, and hopeful about being fit for prosthetic legs this summer.

Life before the accident was filled with activities, she told BI. Now she has to learn to live a new life.

She says her husband Ben (pictured below), her family and her friends have been invaluable to her as she begins her recovery.

But it’s the support of strangers that has touched her.

She’s been keeping a blog — Teena vs. the 7 Train — where she’s documenting the ups and downs of coming home after the accident. Her humour shines through her updates; there’s even a dedicated page to “Teenaisms.”

She initially started writing in hopes of keeping friends and family abreast, but as news outlets began covering her story, her blog received an outpouring of comments of encouragement from people Katz had never met. Many, she told Business Insider, donated to the fund set up for her medical expenses. The cost of prosthetic legs, she says, is going to be incredibly expensive.

“I was blown away,” Katz said, “all of the comments are so nice.”

Katz said she wants to continue the blog and share her story.

“I’m not trying to be an inspiration to anyone; I’m humbled that people have said they’re inspired. I want to keep writing about it and share as much as I can about what I’m going through.”

In a blog post a few days ago, Katz’s spirits remain high for her new future.

“C’mon body…hurry up and heal so I can get started on prosthetics!” she wrote. “I have things I need to do, people I need to see, and places I need to go.”

To read more about Teena Katz, visit her website, Teena vs. the 7 Train.

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