5 Questions About The Federal Reserve That Were Asked On Jeopardy Last Night


Photo: Jeopardy screengrab

We totally geeked out when ‘Teen Jeopardy’ featured a category for the Federal Reserve on tonight’s episode. The teens made it through the category answering all the questions.  There were a couple stumbles from two of the contestants, but overall we were impressed. 

We’ve included the answers in the slides that follow.

See if your Fed knowledge is on par with these Jeopardy teens. 

$400 Answer

'What is panic?'

$800 Answer

'What is the Treasury?'

$1200 Answer: 'There are 12 Federal Reserve banks. The one for the 12 district is in this city.'

'What is San Francisco?'

$1600 Answer

Answer: 'What is inflation?'

$2000 Answer

'Who is Bernanke?'

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