Teen Girls Reveal Their favourite Places To Shop, And The One Brand They No Longer Think Is Cool

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Nomura’s Paul Lejeuz attended the ICR (retail) Conference in Miami, and has a quick note on some of the buzz from the event.One panel that sounded particularly interesting was one where they got teens to talk about their favourite stores to shop.

Their observations:

At the teen panel, there were a few things we took away: (1) They talked much more about footwear than apparel, which again supports our previous point, (2) There were several mentions of TJ Maxx as a favourite place to shop and we don’t remember hearing that in years past, (3) Dept stores M, JCP and KSS were all mentioned as top places to shop, as the teens said they can get lots of good brands (which reflects loss of share by some of the vertical apparel players), (4) On the flip side of the coin, the girls on the panel all seemed to agree that Hollister was no longer a favourite of theirs (but it used to be).