Teen Attacked By Shark Had Tried To Stab It

A 17 year old has been bitten by a shark at Bannisters Head in Mollymook, south of Sydney.

Paramedics have treated him for a laceration to his left hand and multiple lacerations to his fingers.

He’s been taken to Milton Ulladulla Hospital where he remains in a stable condition.

The SMH reports the teen, who was spearfishing at the time of the attack, tried to stab the shark to scare it off.

A spokesperson of the hospital has told Business Insider that the teen is a local resident.

Mollymook is a popular holiday destination for Sydneysiders, just 225km south of Sydney.

The beach is currently hosting the 2015 SLSNSW Stramit Country Championships.

It’s the second straight year that Mollymook has hosted the carnival.

Richard Payne of Shoalhaven City Council has confirmed the man had been “skin diving” when he was attacked at Bannisters Head.

“They’ve closed Narrawellee (beach) and north Mollymook (beach) as a precaution but they’ve keep the south open where the carnival is on,” he said adding that lifesavers had decided that there was no threat at this stage, “they’ve done sweeps of the water and that the carnival should go ahead.

He said shark attacks in the area were quite rare.

Surf lifesavers believe the shark was a bronze whaler measuring about 1.5 metres, according to ABC reports.

According to Shark Attack File.Info, an online record of all reported shark attacks across the world, since November 2014 to January 6 this year, of the 18 recorded attacks seven have been in Australia.

The news follows reports that all beaches in Newcastle have been closed for seven days with three Great White sharks patrolling the area. Read more here.

A worker at a local bakery near the north end of the beach said onlookers who witnessed the incident have doubts the animal was a shark.

Mollymook beach is popular with locals and tourists as a holiday destination.

The Australian Lifeguard Service has said in a statement this afternoon that are aware of the suspected shark bite incident at Bannisters Point and that the Westpac Rescue Helicopter has been tasked to do a sweep of the vicinity.

“Our lifeguards are monitoring the situation and will take further action if required to protect beachgoers,” ALS Manager Brent Manieri said.

“At this stage South Mollymook Beach remains open. While we understand that people do have concerns about the presence of sharks, we remind them to always swim at a patrolled beach where lifeguards are continuously monitoring the water.”

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