Teen Accused Of Throwing A Sandwich At Australian PM Is All, Like, Yeah

Queensland schoolkid Kyle Thomson has had a busy day in the media, giving interviews to various outlets defending himself after being accused of throwing a sandwich at Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard when she was on a visit to his school.

Thomson says he was trying to defend the PM from being targeted by a fellow student who was wielding a sandwich with intent to throw. He copped the blame and has been suspended for 15 days.

Kyle was grilled in this Skype interview with Fairfax Media’s Jonathon Swan. The full excellent clip is below, but here are some key excerpts:

Swan: So Kyle we’ve seen, sort of, some grainy footage of a couple of sandwiches being thrown yesterday. Can you tell me what happened?

Thomson: Um, the Prime Minister came to school. Everyone, like crowded her – shaking her hand, taking her photos and that. And this teacher accused me for throwing a sandwich, and, yeah. So I’m the one that’s getting the consequences and getting suspended for 15 days.

Swan: You’ve been blamed for throwing the sandwich. From what I understand, you were actually trying to protect the prime minister from the sandwich. Can you tell us about that Kyle?

Thomson: Yeah, further down on the path, I seen this kid with a sandwich in his hand, which he – he threw one, and I seen him with another one in his hand, so I hit it out of his hand, and, yeah. That’s the only time I went near anyone with a sandwich.

And later:

Swan: Kyle, what do you actually think of the prime minister?

Thomson: Well, she doesn’t have a big nose like everyone’s saying. She’s small, and, yeah, famous.

Watch the full clip:

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