5 TEDx speeches you should listen to if you want to feel empowered

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2018 is zooming by, and it may feel like your New Year’s motivation is going with it.

Instead of letting the daily grind get you down, here are a couple of TEDx speeches that will get you feeling empowered again.

The list has been created by Fenella Kernebone, TEDxSydney’s Head of Curation.

Here they are.

Marita Cheng – ‘We need to teach our kids to be makers’

Marita is an engineer who talks to her dedication to challenging gender stereotypes. She founded Robogals in 2008 to encourage school girls to get involved in engineering and tech jobs. In 2012, she was awarded Young Australian of the Year.

Jennifer Robinson – ‘Courage is contagious’

Jennifer is a human’s rights lawyer. She defended freedom of speech for clients such as Wikileaks, Bloomberg and the New York Times and created a global program to inspire and support young lawyers into public interest law. Hear her talk on how to inspire courage within yourself and others.

Nadine Champion – ’10 seconds of courage: Life lessons from a fighter

Nadine is a martial artist that has never taken “no” for an answer. An undefeated fighter and inspirational teacher, she gives tips about mastering mental and physical strength to achieve goals.

Jordan Raskopoulos – ‘Living with high functioning anxiety’

Jordan is a comedian, performer and trans activist. While she masters public speaking on stage, she shares her story about living with high anxiety outside of her work. In this insightful and funny talk, she offers strategies for people suffering from anxiety.

Macinley Butson – ‘A young inventor uses the past to change the future’

Macinley tells how, at only 16, she came up with two inventions; one to help women with breast cancer and another to improve lives of developing communities. She was the first Australian to ever win first place in the world at INTEL (International Science and Engineering Fair).

TEDxSydney 2018 will be held on 15th June.