Ted Ligety's Gold Medal Performance Appears To Have Crashed His Company's Website

The buzz surrounding Ted Ligety’s gold medal at the Sochi Olympics in the giant slalom, along with the branding on his helmet and goggles, appears to have crashed the website for the company he started.

Ligety also won a gold medal at the 2006 Turin Olympics, the same year he started Shred, a ski-equipment company that specialises in helmets, goggles, and sunglasses.

With Ligety winning gold on Wednesday, and NBC showing the race that evening, if you went to shredoptics.com during the NBC broadcast, you likely received an “Internal Server Error” (see right), suggesting the server was overloaded.

Ligety designs all the equipment and the name of the company was featured prominently on his goggles and helmet during his gold medal-winning run (see above).

There is probably no better promotion for a ski equipment company than to win gold in the Olympics. So Ligety missed a huge opportunity by not having the website prepped for a potential flood of traffic that he almost certainly was hoping to achieve.

[UPDATE: As of 10:50 PM, the site appears to be back online, although it is still slow to load for some.]

Here is a Google Cache view of the website.

Ligety’s mum is also helping to promote the company in Sochi and on national television.

Here is another shot of Ligety after one of his slalom runs.

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