HOUSE OF THE DAY: Sports Mogul Ted Leonsis Buys A $8 Million Historic Mansion


Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards, has completed a big trade.

No, Alex Ovechkin and John Wall aren’t going anywhere.

Leonsis swapped houses with NEXTEL founder Chris Rogers.  Rogers bought Leonsis’ McLean, Virginia residence and Leonsis bought the newly renovated Marwood Estate.

Marwood, built in 1926, is a 13-acre mansion on the Potomac River in Maryland.  It has had several famous tenants including Al Gore’s cousins and the family of Joe Kennedy.  Marwood was also a summer rental home for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

Leonsis revealed his purchase on Monday but did not specify what he paid for the property.  However, it was sold for $4.9 million in 2005 and was recently valued at $8 million.

The mansion comes with a gatehouse, a pool, a 10-car garage, and a tennis court. 

The main entrance

A look at it from behind

The pool house set near the woods

It's pretty secluded

Here's the gated driveway

And here's the actual front exterior

A different view of the front

Here are the rear porticos

The chic movie theatre

The very green family room

Another very green room

And the living room with another Rome-esque statue

The entrance hall, is this place Rome-themed or green? I can't decide

The front exterior before renovations

And the dining room before renovations

And finally, the kitchen before renovations

Not bad, but how does it stack up against...

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