Ted Leonsis: Facebook Is Like AOL Used To Be


Ted Leonsis, the AOL (TWX) exec who’s rubbed salt in departing AOLers’ wounds by extolling the virtues of the company even as it prepped for layoffs, can’t help himself. Today his blog recounts a visit to the Facebook campus, where he was able to “breathe in the fresh start-up air” and see a workplace where people are excited and optimistic about the future. We don’t think this post will cheer up the folks in Dulles, either:

Facebook’s headquarters is exactly what you think it would be like – lots of young developers; no offices all open spaces; and lots of bicycles in the doorway. The energy level was palpable even though many employees were not at the office at noon as they had stayed up all night working on projects.

The place had a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This is clearly a company on a mission with a higher calling. I enjoyed the visit.  It reminded me of AOL back in 1993/1994 days. There was a nice humility to all of the people I met with and I expect only more growth and great new applications from Facebook in the coming days ahead.

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