No Ted Kennedy For Kindle Readers

ted kennedy

While the e-reader version of Dan Brown’s latest novel The Lost Symbol continues to outsell the physical version on Amazon, Ted Kennedy’s memoir True Compass is not available on either Amazon or Sony’s e-reader — at least not yet.

According to the AP,  True Compass publisher Twelve “has decided to hold off “indefinitely” on a digital edition.”

The reason: they know the thing’s going to be a huge hit and publishers make a much bigger profit selling the physical book.

AP: The head of Twelve, Jonathan Karp, said Thursday that the delay was a “business decision” and added that the pictures and illustrations in “True Compass” cannot be duplicated in e-book form.

“It (the delay) does not reflect any larger corporate policy,” said Karp, whose imprint is part of the Hachette Book Group. “We publish each book individually and we felt that this particular hardcover edition of ‘True Compass’ deserves to be the first and pre-eminent format for the book.”

Telephone and e-mails messages left Thursday with e-book sellers, Sony and Barnes & were not immediately returned.

Digital sales were so tiny until recently that the publishing industry routinely released e-books at the same time or even before the paper editions. But the growth of electronic sales, widely believed to be between one per cent to two per cent of the overall market and higher still for current best sellers, has made publishers worry that the market would suffer for more expensive hardcover editions.

“True Compass” has a list price of $35. E-books usually sell for under $10.

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