TED is about to launch its first TV series -- and it's not just TED talks

TED2015TEDMonica Lewinsky speaks at the 2015 TED conference.

TED, the wildly popular juggernaut that includes annual conferences, a library of online talks, and e-books all focused on “ideas worth spreading,” is now making its first foray into U.S. television.

But for now, only Spanish speakers will be able to watch.

The new series, “Soy TED,” will launch in late September on the Spanish-language network Vme TV.

The show won’t just be an hour of TED talks — those are easy enough to find online — but instead will ask studio guests to take ideas from the talks and expand upon them.

“Given that the US Hispanic market is one of the largest and most dynamic communities in this country, we were excited about the opportunity to connect them to TED in a way that hasn’t happened yet,” writes Deron Triff, TED’s Director of Global Distribution and Licensing, in an email.

Already, TED has TV shows in Japan and Brazil.

Guests on Soy TED will discuss TED talks and original videos, among other things, in an effort to “energize new thinking around innovation, science, learning, food, success, and the human condition.” We don’t yet know what that will look like in practice, but a number of guests are already set to appear in the 13-episode show, including astronaut Franklin Chang Diaz and motivational speaker Ismael Cala.

There are no definitive plans to launch an English language TV show, though it could happen in the future, according to Triff.

For now, if you can’t get enough of the talks, there’s always NPR’s TED Radio Hour.

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