Ted Cruz had a great comeback when Deadspin asked for proof of him playing basketball on Capitol Hill

Ted Cruz has reportedly been organising basketball games at the Senate Office Building, and this little nugget led to a great Twitter exchange between a sports website and the junior U. S. Senator from Texas.

In a recent column about “the new Ted Cruz” Tim Alberta of Politico Magazine wrote that Cruz has been using basketball games to help build and repair relationships among Republican senators. Alberta also dropped this little nugget:

“(Cruz is said to be a surprisingly good jump-shooter with miserable form.)”

That caught the attention of Deadspin, who put out a public request for “proof” of Cruz playing hoops, in the form of either a photo or a video.

Cruz replied to the request through his official Twitter account and it was fantastic. Cruz, whom many feel looks just like Duke basketball star Grayson Allen, submitted a photo of Allen with the comment, “what do I win?”

For those who have never seen the comparison, photos of the two side-by-side spread like wildfire during the primaries.

That comparison finally paid off for Cruz. 

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