Ted Cruz: ‘Chris Christie is trapped in his own private hell’

Sen. Ted Cruz said Tuesday that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got trapped in his “own private hell” by endorsing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In a Tuesday interview with Glenn Beck, the conservative commentator who has endorsed the senator for president, Cruz expressed sympathy for the governor, saying that he looked like he wanted to scream when he stood behind Trump at a March rally.

“Look at the humiliation he inflicts on people like Chris Christie,” Cruz said of Trump. “Chris Christie is a good man. I like Chris Christie. Chris Christie right now is trapped in his own private hell. When Chris was standing behind Donald Trump holding his jacket. The look in his eyes — you could see the screaming.”

“You know what gets me is the servility of Chris forced to call Donald ‘Mr. Trump,'” Cruz added.

Though the governor has appeared on the campaign trail with Trump several times this year, Christie has largely stayed on the sidelines since an awkward appearance during an early-March press conference with the real-estate magnate.

Christie hasn’t been the only Trump campaign surrogate to make headlines over his seemingly uncomfortable relationship with the mogul.

Over the last two weeks, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has raised eyebrows over a controversial series of interviews in which he has acknowledged Trump’s flaws, such as his penchant for provocative and hyperbolic statements and his “horrible” hypothetical general-election poll numbers.

“He has some major defects, there’s no question about it, just like the rest of us,” Carson said of Trump in a radio interview. “But I think he is willing to listen to other people.”

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