Ted Cruz got booed on Stephen Colbert's show while talking about gay marriage

The crowd on “The Late Show” did not like Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-Texas) answer to a question about gay marriage.

In an episode of the Stephen Colbert-hosted show on Monday, Stephen Colbert confronted Cruz about his opposition to the Supreme Court’s ruling legalizing gay marriage. Cruz maintained that the Constitution gives the power to states to determine marriage laws.

The crowd did not like the Republican presidential candidate’s response  — several audience members booed during the senator’s answer.

“Everything that is not mentioned [in the constitution] is left to the states,” Cruz said.

“I believe in democracy,” Cruz said. Several members of the crowd booed.

Colbert quickly cut off the audience.

“Guys, however you feel, he’s my guest, so don’t boo him,” Colbert said.

The Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, which grants equal protection of the law to all Americans, bars states from implementing laws prohibiting same-sex marriage.

The exchange came as Colbert questioned Cruz about his frequent praise for President Ronald Reagan.

Colbert questioned whether, even though Reagan is touted as an icon for conservative politicians today, if the then-president’s compromises with congressional Democrats on issues like immigration and tax increases would make him un-electable to the modern Republican party.

Cruz, an architect of the 2013 government shutdown and one of the most consistently conservative members of Congress, was forced to concede that he would not have agreed to Reagan’s tax hikes or immigration-reform efforts.

“Raising taxes and amnesty for illegal immigrants — could you agree with Reagan on those two things?” Colbert said.

“Of course not,” Cruz said. 

Watch the clip below, via CBS:

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