These Are The 10 Most Anticipated Startups In Chicago

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TechStars has become one of the most prominent startup accelerators in the world, with locations in Boston, Boulder, New York, London, and Seattle.

Late last month, TechStars announced the 10 startups that beat out nearly 1,000 applicants to join its inaugural program in Chicago. TechStars Chicago was formerly known as Excelerate Labs, but the two recently formed a partnership and decided to use the TechStars branding. 

TechStars is a three-month accelerator program that gives entrepreneurs access to mentors, and invests $118,000 in each company: $18,000 in seed funding and an optional $100,000 convertible note.

Startups that go through TechStars seem to be bound for success. TechStars has funded companies like SendGrid, Condition One, Kinvey, and Timehop, to name a few.

Out of the 175 startups that have gone through TechStars, 90% of them are still up-and-running or have been acquired.

CaptureProof aims to improve a patient's relationship with their doctor.

CaptureProof lets patients securely share their photos and videos with their physicians. The app captures, shares, and compares patient photos and videos to physicians can keep track of how their patients are doing. Physicians can also analyse their patient's health information and trends from anywhere using the company's mobile apps.

Its founder, Meghan Conroy, has a background in pharmaceutical sales and photography.

HIPOM helps parents manage their children's Internet usage.

With Home Internet Peace Of Mind, parents can easily manage how much time their children spend online.

HIPOM's control panel allows parents to turn on/off Internet access on devices throughout the house at any time.

'When I read the application for HIPOM I could immediately relate to the pain point that it addresses because I have children of internet age myself,' Troy Henikoff, managing director of TechStars Chicago, said. 'I gave the service a try and sure enough it really works.' He went on to say, 'HIPOM's innovative approach to dealing with the growing problem of tech addiction among children is something that will likely resonate with any parent who has ever had the thought that maybe their kids are spending too much time on line.'

Nexercise helps you lose weight and stay in shape.

Nexercise is an iOS and Android app for tracking weight loss and getting in shape. The app encourages you to work out through competitions, alerts, and actual rewards.

So far, Nexercise has facilitated 3 million workouts, with its users clocking 100 million minutes of physical activity.

Pathful is a web analytics platform for tracking how visitors interact with content.

Pathful is designed to make it easier for marketers to understand how people are engaging with content all over the web.

Pathful captures every visitor interaction with every element on a website. So that means Pathful monitors every click, swipe, touch, pinch, and zoom.

Peoplematics helps you sift through all the information you upload to the cloud.

Peoplematics is a cloud-based platform for searching through the information in your personal cloud.

Once you connect your cloud storage systems, like Dropbox or Google Drive, employees can access and share their files with co-workers. Peoplematics also visualizes your data by showing you the people, timing, and file types across your accounts.

Project Fixup matches people for one-on-one dates based on their schedules and interests. Each date has a specific theme, like craft beer, wine tastings, politics, sports, etc.

The startup describes itself as 'a combination of your best friend and your personal assistant.' Each 'fixup' costs $15.00.

SimpleRevelance is an email marketing platform.

SimpleRelevance says its analytics-driven approach for email marketing can improve revenue per message by 30- to 300%.

It offers professionally designed, mobile-friendly emails that automatically send to customers every week.

SocialCrunch is creating a behaviour graph to help marketers reach the right audience.

SocialCrunch collects information from people all over the Internet about their sex life, drinking habits, work ethic, and more.

The idea is that SocialCrunch can capture information that businesses and marketers can't. By using SocialCrunch, marketers can theoretically better understand people and therefore better target them.

At the same time, SocialCrunch lets you learn more about how you stack up with other people on the Internet. For example, 47% of people who were asked, 'How old were you when you lost your virginity?' answered between the ages of 16 and 18.

Sqord is aiming to get kids to exercise by encouraging them through friendly competition and other gamiifcation mechanisms.

The Sqord PowerBand picks up on when you're running, jumping, walking, taking out the trash, and doing other activities. It tracks all of your movement using a 3-axis accelerometer, among other technology, and sends it to the website where kids can track their progress and compare it to that of their friends.

With Sqord, kids can score points, win competitions, earn medals, and get other online rewards by staying active.

TradingView provides a platform for traders to interact with and learn from each other.

TradingView aggregates stock charts and provides a community for investors to interact with each other and share ideas.

TradingView has been called the 'Hot or Not' of trading, but its founders want it to become the YouTube of financial charts where everyone uploads and shares their Forex and stock charts.

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