It's Not Just Tech Companies Using Social Media Any More

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It used to be that only technology companies used social media for everday business.

But according to a report from NetProspex, that is no longer the case.

The group studied the social media habits of 12 million business people, cataloging Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn use from business email addresses.

The results indicate a changing landscape.

“If you look at the top 10 companies, for the first time we have four companies that are not technology companies,”┬áMichael Bird, the chief revenue officer and spokesman for the Social Media Report.

“We are starting to see is that the broader business community [become] the companies that are the most social active.”

Those companies include The New York Times Co. (No. 1), Limited Brands (No. 5), and The Washington Post Co. (10).

But the shift away from technology companies isn’t the only shift that is occurring. The job descriptions of business people using social media is changing as well.

Before, says Bird, “it was the marketing team, the PR team, the communications team, the CMO.”

Now, “the top groups in terms of usage are not marketing-oriented, they are deal-oriented. They are more ground level, connecting with a customer to accelerate a deal.”

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