Techmeme Gets A New Competitor

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As far as tech news aggregators go, Gabe Rivera’s Techmeme has been top dog pretty much forever. But there’s a new rival: Tech Investor News, which launched last night. The site is the latest from Frank Cioffi, who’s been running Apple Investor News since May 2007.

Like Techmeme, Tech Investor News draws from a variety of sources, ranging from BusinessWeek to MacRumors to us. But instead of grouping posts by “meme,” or story, the way Techmeme does, they’re categorized into sections like “analysts + commentary,” “top tech headlines,” “consumer tech + gadgets,” and “blogs + tech dialogue.”

That means there’s a lot more headlines on the page. But that — and the lack of graphics — makes the page feel really dense. It’s also hard to tell which headlines are most important, which Techmeme usually does a good job at.

Cioffi says his old site, Apple Investor News, has “negligible” revenue and about 500,000 monthly pageviews. (He adds that the most impressive metric is average time-on-site: 40+ minutes.) But that’s been his “beta” — the new site is “really the launch.”

Tech Investor News is a decent, fast-loading dashboard, and a nice alternative to a RSS reader, which won’t categorize posts by theme for you. But unless you’re really into reading headlines, not much is going to catch your eye.

Tech Investor News is family and self-funded. Investing Channel, a financial ad network, is selling the ads.

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