TechCrunch Loves Us Now!

TechCrunch was mad at us there for a minute, when we were enthusing about a flush distant future that might await Google.  But now that we’re enthusing about a flush immediate future that might await TechCrunch, TechCrunch loves us again!

Mr. Arrington:

Wow. We’re worth $100 million!
Posted October 3 | 9 comments
Not a day after I trash Henry Blodget for touting Google stock at $2,000 a share he write a post titled “TechCrunch to Sell to CNET for $100+ Million?”

So first of all I owe Blodget a big apology. The guy is bright, insightful and dead on with his valuation predictions. Yesterday all I saw was an attempt to grab the headlines, but today I understand that real analysis goes into these models. The TechCrunch valuation is of course dead on (if a little low). Hats off to Blodget.