TechCrunch 50: Our favourites So Far

The TechCrunch50 is in session at San Francisco, and 10 companies presented their ideas in the “Youth and Games” and “New Frontiers” category.  Five caught our eye for their innovation and business potential.

In the “Youth and Games category,” two stood out:

ToonsTunes: Targeted at 6 to 14 year olds, ToonsTunes provides a platform for kids to create music using their voice recordings and instrumental loops available on the website. 

StorySomething: StorySomething is an online community that generates instant, personalised stories for kids after parents select the theme, characters, age-group, etc.

Clicker was our favourite in the “New Frontiers” category,

Clicker: There are full episodes of your favourite shows somewhere out there in cyberspace, and Clicker will help you find them, says CEO Jim Lanzone (formerly of

Two other startups, Spawn Labs and ToyBots were interesting, though we don’t see immediate business prospects for either:

Spawn Labs: Spawn Labs introduced a $199 appliance that will help gamers access their video game consoles remotely, through a computer.

ToyBots: The ToyBots gaming platform that lets users customise toys to say and do stuff. 

Image: dierken

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